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Theni region is the primary course for the vacationer bound from Madurai using Bodinayakanur, Munnar, and Kochi and to Thekkadi. This region is encircled by the Western Ghats, with its green stretches of developed terrains and tea gardens. Silk cotton, delicate towels, espresso seeds, cardamom, Mango are the primary creations of the District. This is the headquarters of the district and the industrial center for Corn, Chili, Grapes, and Textiles trade. It is the state's second-largest weekly market, and South India's fourth-largest. Train and road bind well. Madurai, the closest airport is situated 80 Km from Theni.
Kurangani is a hill station on top of the Western Ghats accessed from Bodinayakkanur in Tamil Nadu, an Indian state. Kurangani means "The place wearing monkeys as its jewels" in Tamil. A mountain stream runs through the mountains of Kurangani in the east and Kolukkumalai in the west. The hills are marked by constantly shifting temperatures, low-hanging clouds, cool climate, and heavy winds, and they are home to a wide variety of flora and fauna including Indian gaurs, barking deers, langurs, wild cats, leopards, and tigers. Kurangani has over 6 tiny lakes. All join in on the Kottakudi Canal, where they flow into the Vaigai Dam. This location is amazing with panoramic views of surrounding hills and valleys. The little stream is so lovely and clean and at times be vigilant of its slick too. With 30 minutes you can reach this location, it's located near bodies. Kurangini hills trek is one of Tamil Nadu / Kerala 's challenging and fascinating treks. You have to do that, normally coordinated by Bangalore Mountaineering Club or GutsyTribe. Planning and joining them. Experience Beauty. Camping between coffee holdings. Kurangani hills can give you a wonderful view of the grasslands of Shola. This location is about 12 km from the village of Kurangani and trekking is a perfect way to get to the location. If lucky, you can see some wild cats, gaur, Nilgiri Langur, and leopards because of the view and also. The breeze is clear and cold. The Kurangani Hills provides a beautiful spot for hiking and trekking enthusiasts nature lovers. The Kuranganj Hills provides a great location for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers in general. The glorious view of tea plantation hills along with the thick woods and calming grasslands make the location capable of encouraging you to enjoy a treasured ride. The items to enjoy in the hills are always shifting temperatures, low-hanging clouds, cold climate, and heavy winds combined with a wide variety of flora and fauna. Completing the trek from Kurangani village to Top station takes four to five hours, while the return trip takes two and a half hours. Trekkers sometimes see Indian guars, barking deer, langurs, wild cats, and even leopards and tigers. The trek appeals to hunters, birdwatchers, and nature lovers alike, with rich flora and fauna to speak about. The trail takes you through a wide expanse of tea gardens on a zigzag route. You will most likely spot a wide range of chirping birds and animals such as Nilgiri langur, Nilgiri Tahr, monkeys, and Gaurs (Indian Bison). Wild cats and herds of elephants are rare; But who knows, you might cross paths with one in the thick canopies and the sylvan surroundings.
We will pass two check posts along the two-day trek — we will spend the night at the first check post. Witness a warm sunrise in the foreground with a view to the lush tea plantations. Prepared to enjoy myriad landscapes as you traverse grasslands, meadows, tea and coffee plantations, and dense Kurangani forest.
Theni Call taxi was one of the sponsors of Hills trekking, we are booking this trekking with the right procedure for a permit of the forest department properly and well-known guides. Most of our customers like this and enjoy it with our family…

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